Duch Pops

Nothing beats a homemade popsicle on a hot day and Duch Pops really hits the spot! With fun, frozen, fruity flavours, Duch Pops are a guilt-free healthy treat, made in Bermuda with fresh ingredients, agave and a little cane sugar. There is a popsicle for every taste, including lemonade, strawberry, mango, and the combination flavours: Reggae Gombey with kiwi, mango and raspberry; Whistling Frog with cucumber and lemon; Paradise Sunset with strawberry, kiwi, mango, pineapple and grape.


Duch Pops are available at The Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard, from May through Octobe and for sale on Wednesday evenings from May through August at Harbour Nights, Front Street, Hamilton, plus you can order them for your special occasion.