Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar specializes in a wide range of clothing and gifts sourced from Turkey, plus Bermuda-inspired souvenirs and jewellery. Opened in 2005, this boutique has recently expanded to two locations in the Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard. The wide selection of clothing and souvenirs includes sweat shirts, towels, key chains, magnets, tee shirts, baseball hats, polo shirts and the very popular men’s island-themed button-down shirts. They also have a range of fashionable hand-made jewellery in silver and Bermuda sand.


Beautiful ceramic bowls and decorative plates, wall hangings, table cloths, bedspreads, Kilim cushion covers and decorative hanging lanterns and table lamps reflect the middle-eastern origins of the store. There is a gift for everyone in the Grand Bazaar!