Bermuda’s cuisine reflects its culture and heritage and you will find restaurants with European, Caribbean and Portuguese influences along with the latest food trends. As a tiny speck in the middle of the North Atlantic, fish features prominently on menus, and during lobster season, from October to April, our spiny lobsters are served up in a variety of ways. Traditional Bermuda fish chowder is on the menu island-wide, varies in colour depending on the chef and, in some instances, has been re-imagined. Originally a poor man’s dish, fish chowder’s base comes from cooking down the rack, head and tail left behind once all the fillets are cut away from the fish. 

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, you’ll be spoilt for choice -there are historic homes converted into romantic restaurants with classic European cuisine; modern bistros which source their produce from local organic farmers; and upscale hotel restaurants offering a weekly chef’s table. For a casual meal, the classic Bermuda pub is a great choice for a few pints, burgers, fish and chips or pie of the day and to catch a game on a big screen. Many of them host live bands or DJs on the weekend and a Friday evening meal can easily turn into a lively night out! If you want a no frills, home-style meal a good place to start is at the neighbourhood diner, many of which have been open for decades, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner specials, home-made desserts, and all at a reasonable price.  Look for taxis and trucks in the parking lot and you’ll know you’re at a good spot!  For a quick bite on the go, stop by one of our food trucks parked in the City of Hamilton, offering burgers, fish cakes and steak ums. 

For waterfront dining, visit the historic Town of St. George and plan to stay for lunch or dinner as the original capital boasts four restaurants with beautiful views of the harbour. If a meal with a vista of Bermuda’s south shore beaches is on your list, try one of the hotels which stretch along the coast and welcome guests to their ocean-front restaurants. With a distinct lack of overseas franchises (only KFC) Bermuda’s restaurant industry has remained authentic and unique. Fresh caught wahoo served with seasonal fruits, hearty Portuguese red bean soup, spicy Jamaican beef patty, Indian curry, brick oven pizza…the choices are many. No matter what you are in the mood for, Bermuda’s restaurants will serve you an experience to remember.