Ocean Discovery Centre at BUEI

40 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM 19, Bermuda

“Experience the wonders of the ocean, without getting wet!”

Blue Echo Dive
Travel 12,000 feet below the sea surface where you will be able to investigate scientific anomalies above and below the island, visit an aeroplane graveyard, experience close encounters with whales, giant squid and sharks and a multitude of deep-sea creatures.

Bermuda Revealed
Discover via interactive activities how the islands of Bermuda were formed and learn about the long-extinct volcanic seamount beneath us, the types of diving equipment used now and in the past, as well some of the creatures that roamed the island during the Cretaceous period.

Bermuda Triangle - Unlock the Secrets
Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets employs the very latest in cutting-edge technology to enable visitors to explore both the far-fetched theories and the fascinating real science behind Bermuda’s most intriguing and enduring mystery. Regardless of the reasons behind the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, this hugely popular myth is strongly embedded in international folklore. What better place to discover the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle than in the country that shares its name!

World’s Largest Private Shell Collection
The Jack Lightbourn’s shell collection is one of the largest and finest privately owned collections in the world rivalling even the Smithsonian archives. You will be astounded by the variety, sizes, shapes and colours of these stunning natural treasures!

Living with the Ocean
Explore our planet and “dive” beneath our oceans to visit coral reefs from around the world. Listen to the songs of whales, discover how our famous pink sand is created and learn what a ‘nurdle’ is and how it affects ocean health.

The Deep & Bioluminescence
Here you will find interactive jellyfish that bounce off of your shadow, hydrothermal vents raising high above the ground and a plethora of bizarre creatures that have evolved due to the extreme and harsh conditions of the environment they inhabit. While youre here don’t forget to enter the shark cage… that is if you’re brave enough.

Shipwreck Gallery
Bermuda’s shipwrecks act as the collective memory keepers for our island’s national identity – one that was and still is fundamentally ship based. Walk back through time and uncover a bounty of marine artefacts and history.

The Treasure Room
Find coral encrusted gold coins, tiny figurines, gold toothpicks belt buckles and of course a replica of Teddy Tucker’s most significant find, the legendary emerald studded 22 karat gold “Tucker Cross”, believed to have come from San Pedro, a Spanish galleon which was dashed on the reefs in 1594. Watch as the infamous cross magically disappears in front of your eyes.