The Spa at Elbow Beach

69, South Shore Road, Paget

Rejuvenation of body and mind begins the moment you enter the Spa at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort. Light ocean breezes wash over you, carrying subtle hints of natural herbs and fragrant spices. You are led to a private spa suite to relax before your ritual. Tranquillity wraps you in its embrace as your spa professional attends to your needs with a touch as gentle as and Atlantic trade wind.

The Spa at Elbow Beach is an intimate, oceanfront retreat, located at our Paget Parish Hotel, designed to infuse romance and peacefulness with a dash of the exotic. Our distinctive, individual spa suites blend island and Asian influence to create a private haven in which to enjoy and array of unique treatments.

Open from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Reservations recommended. The Spa at Elbow Beach Resort is located at 69, South Shore Road, Paget.