White Roof B&B

White Roof B&B is Bermuda's trusted online marketplace to book vacation properties, providing visitor rental accommodations since 2011. Our booking process is easy and confidential, with listings that offer a wide choice of amenities and facilities to suit all budgets and requirements. Each of our homes is inspected and approved, meeting the highest standards, and our team of Vacation Rental Advisors are available to assist. We will also co-ordinate pre-arranged taxi transportation from the airport to your vacation rental home.

We have properties island- wide, including near nature reserves, close to the Railway Trail, near Horseshoe Bayclose to south shore beaches, near the Crystal Caves, next to golf course and lighthouse, and next to Warwick Long Bay.


Online booking with White Roof B&B is easy, and payment is made via a secure online payment system. You can communicate with your friendly local host prior to your arrival to confirm your travel details and arrival time.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, romantic getaway or visiting the island on business travel, White Roof B&B is the first step to a wonderful Bermuda experience.